• Independent power system  
1. Solar Module : 
With TUV certificate. The number of modules depend on the total output power of the solar system .
2. Controller :
Changer controller regulates power to the batteries ,so that do not over charge .
3. Battery (System Voltage): 
By definition, an off-grid system uses batteries. The voltage of the battery bank is largely determined by the 
system requirements. In general, inverters today accept 12, 24, or 48 volts nominal. You also have the ability 
to run 12 volt DC loads. Larger systems use 24 or 48 volt inverters due to the better efficiency at the higher 
voltages and the higher output capacity that the inverters can achieve. 
4. Inverters 
Transform the DC electricity which solar system generate into AC electricity according to the DC-AC inverters
How off-grid solar system works?
OFF GRID refers to a power system that generates electricity such as a solar array. The energy produced is 
stored in batteries and the energy system isn't connected to the utility power grid. 
(see the drawing as follow)

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