• Mono Solar Module  
SG-70 SG-75 SG-80 SG-85 SG-90 90Watt Maximum power
Product honorary Sun-gold is regarded as new solar energy as development company by Frost&Sullivan And honored to be Chinese solar cell module quality recognized famous brands
Product features High transmission rate and low iron tempered glass, anti-aging EVA, excellent weatherability TPT shortly The anode optimization quality aluminum alloy frame, beautiful appearance, High-Wind resistance, resistance to pressure, high efficiency of conversion
QS China Pacific property insurance Co., LTD guarantees the service life of the product is 25 years Accord with international authentication of quality control
The ISO9001:2008 quality management system authentication of the world's top producers
Product field On-grid generate electricity system
Off-grid generate electricity system
Building integrated power facilities
physical parameter SG-70 SG-75 SG-80 SG-85 SG-90
Open circuit voltage (V) 21.45V 21.65V 21.85V 22.05V 22.25V
working power voltage (V) 17.2V 17.4V 17.6V 17.8V 18V
short-circuit current (SSC) 4.6A 4.81 A 5.02 A 5.21 A 5.39 A
operating current 4.07A 4.31A 4.55A 4.78A 5A
peak power (P.P) 70Wp 75Wp 80Wp 85Wp 90Wp
working temperature -40℃ to+85℃
Maximum power voltage (V) 1000VDC(IEC)/600VDC(UL)
fuse rating in series 11A
Tolerance Wattage (e.g. +/-5%) ±3%
注:Data under standard testing condition (STC):1000W/㎡,AM1.5,25℃.
physical parameter
solar panel standard Momo-crystalline 125×125mm (5inch)
number of permutations 36(4×9)
Size of module (mm) 1210×540×35mm(47.6×21.3×1.4inch)
weight (KG) 8.2kg(18.1lbs)
glass standard 3.2mm(0.13inch) tempered glass
frame: Anodised aluminium alloy
接线盒: Cixi Renhe PV-rh06-70(TUV)
Temperature coefficients
rated working temperature: 45±2℃
Temperature coefficients of Pm (%): -0.48%/℃
Temperature coefficients of Vol (%): -0.34%/℃
Temperature coefficients of Isc (%): 0.017%/℃

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