Solar Inverter for Grid-Connected - Alternative Energy Solutions
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An 0n-grid solar inverter converts DC output of PV modules into AC power which is suited for electricity transmission on power grid. In practice, each solar inverter installed in solar power plants needs to connect an array of PV modules to power grid because a single PV module can only provide a few tens of volts and 200W output power approximately. This means an on-grid solar inverter has to make a DC-AC conversion based on a 400-800V input voltage generated by a number of parallel-connected PV modules, which could provide an output power from several kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts.

An on-grid solar inverter is composed of a DC-DC module, a DC-AC module and a control module. DC-DC module is built with a MOSFET, an inductor and a transformer, and functions to provide a stable DC output through rectifying and filtering the unstable DC power produced by PV modules; DC-AC module includes an IGBT array and an output filter circuit to convert the DC output of DC-DC module into an AC output suited for transmission on power grid. Control module is the core of whole system. It has a DSC, a voltage sensor, a current sensor, and a driver that drives MOSFET and IGBT module. DSC calculates the maximum power point of PV module array based on signals collected by sensors including PV modules¡¯ voltage and current, power grid¡¯s voltage and current, as well as phase. And accordingly it sends out instructions to driver which drives DC-DC and DC-AC modules. Furthermore, DSC is able to find out abnormal conditions such as transmission failure of power grid and take measures such as cutting off the connection between inverters and grid to prevent ¡°island effect¡± occurences on power grid. Additionally, the control module has an interface for external display showing PV modules¡¯ status and input/output voltage and current, and integrates a RS232/RS485 communication interface to connect with control centers of solar power plants, so that real-time monitoring of solar panels and inverters can be implemented

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