The Solar powered street lights and housing projects of South air virid garden
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South air virid garden considers the theme of green and environmentally friendly ,aiming at building the advanced energy-saving high- technology residential villas. Sun Gold solar street light has the advantages of high efficiency, small power consumption, long life, low operating temperature, security, reliability, fast response, small unit volume and green. The life of our led light is 50   times longer than that of incandescent and 20 times of the fluorescent. Led light is the fourth generation of lighting products which is after the incandescent, fluorescent and gas discharge lamp. The solar light system is used throughout the district. At the daytime, the battery is charged by the solar panels; at night, the load use electricity form the battery. There is no need to prepare the complex and expensive pipeline. The layout of the lighting can be adjusted at random. It is safe, energy-saving, no pollution, working stably and reliably because of no manual operation, also, it is electricity-saving and fee-maintenance.

  Sun Gold solar panels are installed in the balcony of residential villas and standard room, and also the roof. They are used for changing solar energy into electricity and then stored in batteries or promoting the load working. Solar controller controls the entire system state and protects the battery from over-charging and over-loading. In the place where the temperature difference is large, the controller should be qualified temperature compensation function.
  After installation, electricity can be saved effectively. Safety, environmental protection, and "green building, healthy living" theme fit well. An initial estimate of finance saving for the district and the owners is about 60 million or more each year.

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